BARE & DATSIK – King KongKing Kong

BARE & DATSIK – King Kong

Whether you like it or not, the dubstep community is growing at a landmark rate (Proof: Google Trends) and, as a result, is also becoming increasingly mainstream.

Many claim that dubstep has recently served as a safe haven for ex-rockers to enjoy electronica, but most don’t know that the genre has been around for decades, first originating in Jamaica circa the 1990’s. More recently, pop artists such as La Roux, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Ke$ha have all worked dub elements into their radio hits, adding a bit of sass to their otherwise bubblegummy sounds. Aside from just music, dubstep has also managed to crawl its way onto the big screen, with front-and-center features in recent films and TV shows such as Tron Legacy, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Step Up 3D.

Grunge is very much “in” right now and as it continues to spread the EDM community must learn to embrace it.

BARE & DATSIK – King Kong [BARE & DATSIK – King KongFire Piel1]:

Two of the heaviest hitters in the dubstep community, BARE and DATSIK, have joined forces to unleash a monster tune that couldn’t have been more appropriately titled. While Bare is relatively new to the scene, the LA-based dub producer has a large cult following and consistently sells out SoCal shows that feature his groovy west coast hip-hop influences. Datsik, on the other hand, has been producing wobbly tracks for longer and showcases a more industrial sound that likely provided the structural foundation for “King Kong.”

With this in mind you would think the two would clash stylistically, but BARE and DATSIK manage to find a medium that is best described as the meeting of cold, man-made fury of armored machines with the hot-blooded rage of King Kong.  Just like in the movies, shit gets real wobbly with this one and is best enjoyed via stereo-enabled audio outputs.

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