Forgotten Friday: Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Various Remixes)BRUNO MARS

Forgotten Friday: Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Various Remixes)

While many have grown annoyed by “Just The Way You Are” for its incredible amount of radio airplay, stellar vocals just cannot be contested. The chorus of this multi-platinum Bruno Mars hit has a conveniently uplifting characteristic, making the song an easy and popular target for EDM DJ’s.

Remixing “Just The Way You Are” is far from easy, however, as most of Bruno’s songs are notoriously difficult to rearrange due to their already highly melodic and recognizable character. It’s like singing and improvising your own version of a Sinatra song at the karaoke bar – unless you knock it out of the park with a stroke of genius, people are going to boo you off stage.

In this set of remixes (be sure to check out the Skrillex remix we posted earlier), you’ll notice Bruno’s vocals remained mostly unchanged, but it’s interesting to see where each DJ chose to land their drops. Some went with the pre-chorus, others with the chorus itself, while the daring few opted for the challenging post-chorus bridge. Each has its own effect, ultimately forming a nice bouquet of change-ups that do their best to enhance this already massive hit.

Bruno Mars – Just They Way You Are (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Club Mix):

Bruno Mars – Just They Way You Are (Manufactured Superstars and Jquintal Remix):

Bruno Mars – Just They Way You Are (Simon Steur Club Mix):

♬ Today I don’t feel like doing anything *whistle*

I just wanna lay in my bed *whistle*

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