Max Vangeli to play with Pierce Fulton on ResLiveRephlektorlist M04

Max Vangeli to play with Pierce Fulton on ResLive

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6:00PM US Pacific / 9:00PM US Eastern

Tomorrow night – Wednesday, May 11, Max Vangeli teams up with to present an exclusive live virtual DJ set that not only offers his fans a way to experience a true club set but also allows them to interact with each other and Max Vangeli. The show beings at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern with a one hour opening set by Pierce Fulton followed by Max Vangeli’s two-hour set. To attend, visit on Wednesday night.

Designed by The Sine Wave Company – one of the hottest and most proven virtual world companies – Reslive is a visually stunning 3D hangout for music lovers. Users meet up in beautiful, crafted environments to share music with their friends, meet new people attend live concerts, dance, chat and play social games. Reslive runs in a regular web browser, bringing the highest standard in 3D graphics to the mass market.

In order to construct the avatar, Max Vangeli’s face was photographed from multiple angles. Then, ResLive designers requested custom pictures of Max not wearing a his trademark baseball cap (his signature look). Once the photographs were processed, the designers created a hat, sunglasses, and other virtual apparel for Max Vangeli’s Avatar. The above photo is an exclusive look at “Virtual Max Vangeli.”

Pierce’s love and notoriety for music is deeply rooted in his childhood where he was labeled somewhat of a prodigy teaching himself and subsequently mastering every instrument he could get his hands on. It wasn’t long before Pierce was exposed to limitless sounds and possibilities of electronic music and as you probably guessed, the rest is history.

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