Nause – Made Of (Various Remixes)Nause1

Nause – Made Of (Various Remixes)

Nause, the talented Swedish duo that was responsible for their remix of “Bullets” alongside Adrian Lux gets their track “Made Of” remixed by two of the biggest giants in our industry. This just got released on Mutant Records and the label owner himself made one of the remixes.

The first remix is by the face of the ‘Dirty Dutch’ movement – Chuckie. As you get moving through the song the first drop is similar to same distortion oriented drop we heard in his “Hollywood Tonight” remix. However, things change drastically when you get to the 3 minute mark. Chuckie gives us a heavy dose of dubstep, we haven’t heard anything like this in his songs since his “Bumpy Ride” remix. The creativity definitely made a fan out of us.

Normally, when listening to the Chuckie remix of any song we accept this as the best of the package. Want proof? Try his remix of Kelly Rowland’s “Commander“. Or how about Nari & Milani’s “I Got My Eye On You“? Not so fast skippy…here is the one time we may have to retract on the above statements. John Dahlback’s remix is downright silly the whole way through. He throws the saying “pace yourself” right out the window and sprints to the finish with this remix.


BONUS: Original Mix – ” No One Can Control Me! This Is What I’m Made Of!” Shouldn’t this be the theme song for a professional sports team?

We love the piano breakdown, the lyrics, but most of all…the hands in the air effect.

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