Official Music Video: Calvin Harris ft. Kelis – BounceCalvin Harris Electric Zoo NY 2011 850 004

Official Music Video: Calvin Harris ft. Kelis – Bounce

The music video for Calvin’s latest single features a young man who “bounces” after getting into a fight with his girlfriend. Unfazed,  our protagonist goes on a dance rampage through Las Vegas that takes him to the set of the Bounce music video (meta) where he runs into Kelis.

Aside: Kelis knows what the new sound is. Since her hip-hop days she’s entered the EDM world via collaborations like Spaceship with Benny Benassi, Acapella with David Guetta, and No Security with Crookers.

After venturing through the strip and a house party where he may or may not be a welcome guest, the carefree “bro” finds himself on the dance floor with a beautiful girl and Calvin on the decks. Finally his night ends up like many Vegas nights often do – a comfortable new sleeping arrangement in a spontaneous location… unfortunately without the girl. The vibe of this video is reminiscent of Avicii’s Bromance video. Tribute to bros all around.

In regards to the song… we’ve heard mixed reviews from fans. Fans of the old Calvin Harris want him to sing again. Some newer Calvin Harris fans might have been expecting a festival crasher like Awooga. We think Bounce is a perfect homage to Calvin’s old style and will still work in EDM sets especially when we see some remixes. The main melody is certainly a winner. Imagine a crowd NOT going crazy when they hear a DJ bring a track silent and then fade in to the Bounce melody. We can’t imagine it either. Bring on the remixes!

UPDATE: Check out the Sandro Silva remix, played in Tiesto’s Club LIfe radio show. Sandro is proving to be one of the best young producers and with Laidback Luke as a mentor he’s a bound for success.

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