Robbie Rivera – Imagine (Main Club Mix + Afterhours Mix)Robbie Rivera 2

Robbie Rivera – Imagine (Main Club Mix + Afterhours Mix)

Veteran Puerto Rican native, Robbie Rivera, released his latest track on Pinkstar Records today. As the weather gets warm and people start to make their way to the beach we can’t think of many other DJs who could put together a better resume of beach party house music. If you’re planning trips to Ibiza or Miami this summer (both locations of residence for Mr. Rivera), then you need the following for your collection: We Live for the Music, Closer to the Sun (Rivera’s Juicy Privilege Mix), Departures (Cosmic Gate Remix), Move Move 2010 (Oliver Twizt Remix), Back to Zero (Robbie Rivera Juicy 2010 Mix), Girlfriend (Robbie Rivera’s 2010 Remix). So that we don’t completely overwhelm your next pool party, we’ll cut the list off right there for now.

Imagine has been hyped for about a month or so. Here is the promo video, published on April 4th, featuring footage from Juicy Beach 2011 in Miami, an event we were lucky enough to attend. All house music fans are required to attend Juicy Beach once in order to go to heaven.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. ‘Imagine’ isn’t a club banger type track a la Afrojack, but it’s a smooth, melodic, summer anthem. Picture tanned Latin people wearing white linen and sipping mojitos.

Robbie Rivera – Imagine (Main Club Mix)

One of Robbie’s trademarks is to make multiple mixes of his own tracks. Normally he starts by releasing an original and following it up with a Juicy Remix. The original is normally the easy-listening melodic version and the Juicy Remix adds heavy drums, bass, and electro. His ability to create both of these sounds shows why Robbie has been successful for so many years.

Robbie Rivera – Imagine (Afterhours Mix)

Release: Beatport

Robbie has another gift for us today. He just posted a preview of his next release.

Robbie Rivera – Imagine (Main Club Mix + Afterhours Mix)Screen Shot 2011 05 11 At 3.13.15 PM

Robbie Rivera – The Sound of the Times teaser

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