Roger Sanchez – Worldwide feat. MC Flipside & Mobin Master (teaser)Rsz Rogerworldwide2web

Roger Sanchez – Worldwide feat. MC Flipside & Mobin Master (teaser)

It is a select group of people that can say they have traveled the world, and an even smaller group that find themselves in different cities every night.  For Roger Sanchez, it is not uncommon for him to see 2 or 3 different countries every few days.  ”Worldwide” is literally the story of what Roger’s life has become, constantly traveling the world.  In the last month alone, he has played shows in: France, The UK, Italy, Canada, Morocco, Miami, NYC, and D.C.  Coming up in the next month he has shows in Vegas, Chicago, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Brazil.

“Worldwide” starts with Roger’s signature tribal percussion, only to dive into a bass-heavy club beat.  The song picks up momentum as MC Flipside‘s vocals enter creating the songs catchy hook.  The lyrics, representative of Roger’s global lifestyle, will no doubt become an anthem chanted at clubs “from Ibiza to Roma, London to Barcelona”.  The track is a steady builder, with Mobin Master adding production to lead the track into a frenzy.  Buzzing synths keep you on your toes and maintain the high level of energy.  “Worldwide” is Roger returning to his tribal-club roots, a track that again proves why Roger remains one of the most in-demand DJ’s across the planet.

“Worldwide” is a celebration of what Roger Sanchez has always believed.  No matter where you are around the globe, music has a way to bring everyone together.  And with the smash that is “Worldwide” Roger unites the world into one major dance floor celebration.

Roger Sanchez – Worldwide feat. MC Flipside & Mobin Master (teaser) by Roger Sanchez

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