TORQ Presents Wolfgang Gartner @ Ruby Skye SF 4.7.20115

TORQ Presents Wolfgang Gartner @ Ruby Skye SF 4.7.2011

Wolfgang Gartner is a man of efficiency and the best way to describe his sets is down to business. The crowd was already rumbling at around 11:30, anxiously waiting the arrival of Wolfgang. Keep in mind this was a Thursday night and the place was jam packed, showing how much pull Joey Youngman really has within the San Francisco area. People were pushing and shoving before Wolfgang even got on stage, jostling for a better position on the dancefloor. This was one of the rowdier crowds we have ever been a part of inside Ruby Skye. Not only did the pumping electro sounds create a moshpit-like surrounding, but it also brought out some aggressive spirits. You have to love two people yelling at each other at the top of their lungs to no avail because the speakers within the club drown out any sounds that can be emitted from their vocal chords. Right?

Quick Tangent #1: Dancing Astronaut has to hand it to the TORQ crew, every time they throw an event they seemingly have the blueprint for success. Attract the best talent, promote it well, and offer a reasonable ticket price. Being in attendance at one of their events is always a pleasure.

TORQ Presents Wolfgang Gartner @ Ruby Skye SF 4.7.20113

This was the first time Wolfgang unveiled his ‘medusa/claw’ stage (we have heard it called both these names). It is fully equipped with flashing lights, a picture screen, and an elevated center where Wolfgang controls the decks (think of it like his command center). When you are up close to the stage, the aggressive lighting really does take control of your eyes. It’s almost as if Wolfgang was performing hypnosis on the members of the crowd. Things heated up quickly as Wolfgang started off with one of the biggest songs in live performances this year. Cameras ready…prepare to flash!

Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

A few moments later, Wolfgang mixed in his (arguably) most recognizable track to date. Space Junk! We were very impressed that everyone around us was able to identify this song before it was fully mixed into the set. The energy was unparalleled and Wolfgang Gartner had only just hit the ten minute mark.

Wolfgang Gartner – Space Junk (Original Mix)

Clearly Wolfgang had upped the ante and had chosen to deliver a set filled with large doses of heavy bass incorporated with some whining treble. The distinguished vocals of Ocelot’s “Our time” surfaced from the depths of the ‘medusa’ and everyone was jumping up and down in unison.

Quick Tangent #2: It is hard to believe why DJ’s don’t insert at least the acapella of “Our Time” into their live sets more often. It has some of the best vocals around.

We’re gonna get drunk and we’re gonna get down

We’re gonna take drugs and we’re gonna get f*cked

And we’re gonna do it all to night

And we’re gonna make it out alive



Ocelot – Our Time (Original Mix)







Immediately following Ocelot’s track, Wolfgang proceeded to drop “5th symphony”. Beethoven’s classic meets dirty electro in the biggest club in San Francisco and the crowd says “oooh”. This is exactly what sets Wolfgang apart from most other DJ’s… he has an uncanny ability to gauge what the crowd wants at any specific time during his performance. The combination of an easily recognizable classical composition combined with Wolfgang’s powerful electro additions put us over the top.

Wolfgang Gartner – 5th Symphony (Original Mix)

Big Moment Of The Night: In professional sports, superstars have the ability to lay down the hammer with their unparalleled talent and ability. The next succession of tracks Wolfgang threw together (not in complete succession, but closely spaced together) is when Wolfgang laid down the hammer and increased the mayhem to unmatchable heights.

Wolfgang Gartner & Mark Knight – Conscindo (Original Mix)

The distinct sound of this track always gets the crowd moving. Mark Knight’s tech influenced touches on this song almost relax the crowd until the bridge comes and the drop pushes everyone back over the top.

Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica (Original Mix)

The unique/funky sounds from Illmerica can be heard from a mile away. Since everyone recognizes it, the anticipation builds up like no other track that night. We’ve noticed that people react to this track in completely different manners, some choose to jump up and down (rage mode), others sway in satisfaction, and a select few raise their hands in the air and soak in all the good vibes from Ruby Skye’s blasting speakers.

TORQ Presents Wolfgang Gartner @ Ruby Skye SF 4.7.20114

Wolfgang Gartner – Undertaker (Original Mix)

The next song snuck up on us. Definitely, one of Wolfgang’s biggest and liveliest tracks, however with all his latest releases you sort of lose it among the group since it was released quite a while ago. Everyone’s heads were bobbing up and down when the drop hit.

The end of the set was pure brilliance. Wolfgang blended a mesh of new tracks and old classics to keep the crowd on its toes. Below are the three biggest moments from the last 40 minutes (or so).

Wolfgang Gartner – Push & Rise

This one is a monster live! It gets everyone screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. When this was dropped the ‘medusa’ blew up in flames…well not really, the multiple screens on the medusa showed red flames which gave Ruby Skye an intimate glow of red.

Wolfgang Gartner ft. Will.I.Am – Forever (Original Mix)

We know what you are thinking. This is a very good track, but the vocals are not the best (judging by your reactions to the track post). However, the vocals are excellent when heard live. The Ruby Skye sound system definitely did this track justice and everyone was jumping up and down in unison.

TORQ Presents Wolfgang Gartner @ Ruby Skye SF 4.7.201122

Wolfgang Gartner vs. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining

Definitely one of the more memorable moments of the entire night. First, the medusa flashed Bob Marley’s face along with the various colors that are associated with him. Everyone finally recognized the track “Sun Is Shining” and went nuts when they found out that Wolfgang had added his touches to it. Watch the video below to get engulfed in one of the more special closing songs we have been a part of.

We hope you have a chance to catch Wolfgang soon!

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