Another Teenager Dies at EDC: Two Viewpoints.EDC TypeOnly2011

Another Teenager Dies at EDC: Two Viewpoints.

A 19 year-old man died in hospital after attending the EDC festival in Dallas this past weekend.

Here are two viewpoints from the local paper, the Dallas Observer.

The first, by Pete Freedman, was sobering and factual.

The second, by Jim Schutze, was honest and wistful.

I just don’t understand what prompts some people to endanger their lives at EDC. I certainly don’t want another party to lead to another funeral.

Senseless tragedies like this naturally make us search for someone to blame. But there is no one to blame here. That’s what makes it a tragedy.

Live shows connect artists directly with their fans, personalizing the music we love. Thanks to Insomniac, EDC’s promoter, the world’s finest DJs will descend on Las Vegas this weekend to create a spectacle that’s expected to attract over 100,000 witnesses. If it’s anything like last year, it will be electrifying.

Yet the question lingers: How could someone die at an event where so much joy was had by so many?