Dirty Disco Youth feat. Duo Synchron – Cyclone (Dumme Jungs remix)Dumme Jungs1

Dirty Disco Youth feat. Duo Synchron – Cyclone (Dumme Jungs remix)

If you don’t know Dumme Jungs, it is probably because you live in a box. Let’s change that. Berlin is home to the best techno, electro, and minimal dance music in the world. This new remix by the duo is a brilliant mix of classic house samples, chopped up with some electro fuzz and a garnish of dirt. You’ll surly exclaim, OH MY GOD ITS TECHNO MUSIC!  We first discovered Dumme Jungs by word of mouth, the same way you found your favorite DJ or producer; now it’s time for the word to get out. Germany goes bonkers for these guys. ‘Think you’ll find them rather crunchy, with proper dirty electro energy. Allow this post to reach out and give you a taste of what’s going on in Berlin. Its big, distorted, funky, and sounds like obliteration on the dance floor. Give their new remix a listen, and let us know what you think…

Dirty Disco Youth feat. Duo Synchron – Cyclone (Dumme Jungs remix)

Cyclone sounds similar to Jack Beats and Wolfgang Gartner. Big room house loops cut together with synth build ups ending in a splashes of monstrosity. It is the best of both worlds. It’s funky enough to get the shy girl off the wall and on the floor. It’s dirty enough to get down with her.

And if you haven’t had enough of them yet, this one is for the underground. A hard electro cut…

F.O.O.L – Invasion – (Dumme Jungs Remix)

If Berlin electro is new to you, explore no further. Please allow me inject you with a little somethin’ somethin’ from inside the scene, because techno changed my life.

Don’t be shy, if you love this stuff, head over to the Dumme Jungs on FaceBook and download their May mix.

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