Lazy Rich – Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix)Lazy Rich

Lazy Rich – Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix)

WARNING: Tissues, disinfectant wipes, or any other form of cleaner is required after listening to this song.

Why you ask? Click play listen to all 6:58 of the song and then tell me you don’t have a mess to clean up after it (sexual innuendo was intended here). The name “Better Wipe That Up” says it all. If you n-joy getting down and dirty to a track that has big time synths, intense drops, and that chainsaw massacre sound then this it right here. I think I would have an easier time convincing a hemophiliac to swim in a pool of blood then searching for someone who doesn’t dig this sexy tune.

NOTE: Lazy Rich is rocking the speakers at Ruby Skye on Friday, August 5th. All of you electro lovers are coming with me to tear up that dancefloor. Nuff said, listen and believe.

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