Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Save The World (The Remixes)Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Save The World (The Remixes)

Say what you want about the original mix, but it is spectacular live. The Swedish House Mafia tailor made “Save The World” to appeal to the masses, and guess what? It worked. The remixes were released today and there is a little something in each one of them that can satisfy even the most hardcore of EDM fans. Let’s dive into these shall we?

Style of Eye & Carli (you might know them better as the Savage Skulls) blend the beautiful vocals of John Martin with a synth filled build up that leads you up to the 3:35 mark. If you like pulsating drops that do not overshadow any of the original vocals this is the track for you.

Alesso has arrived folks. Are we looking at a potential Avicii rival for progressive greatness? We think so. This is made for the big room, envision yourself flying to this remix.

Knife Party is comprised of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen of Pendulum. The remix gives you the most wobble and has the largest dubstep influence out of the package. The original mix was a very ‘elegant’ production, Knife Party injects a large dose of dirt in their remix. You may need a tetanus shot after listening.

We think the best term used to describe Third Party’s rendition is electrifying. Electro-house fans will love this. The distinctive drop reminds me of a Lazy Rich/Porter Robinson blend. Give it a go!

Which one of these remixes are the best? Why do you think that? (post answers in comments!)

UPDATE: Marcus Schossow’s trouse remix! Lights, camera, piano breakdown!