The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendVegas Top 10

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend

With the events of Las Vegas still fresh in our minds we have decided to report the top tracks of our Memorial Day Weekend excursion. How did we come up with the list? We combined multiple factors in deciding the top tracks: frequency (the amount of times a track was played), quality of the tune according to the general consensus of the house world, and the crowd reaction when the tune was played. Even if you cannot agree with our list, there is one thing we can all agree on…Las Vegas was incredible!

10. Martin Solveig – Hello (Original Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendMartin Solveig


Played During: Morgan Page @ Ditch Fridays Palms Pool (opening DJ), Afrojack @ Encore Beach Club (Opening DJ), and pretty much every hotel bar we walked into.

Why it was an Anthem: One of the most noticeable songs in pop culture today is going to generate a quality reaction from fans of other genres of music. Combine that with all the crazies from EDM culture and you get the adrenaline levels at a high. This song also adds a certain value because the catch is very easy to sing – “I just came to say HELLO!”.

9. Medina – You & I (Deadmau5 Remix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendDeadmau5


Played During: Every opening DJ’s set at a pool party (Ditch, Liquid, Encore Beach, Tao)

Why it was an Anthem: Isn’t this song old? Why is this on the list? Here is why – every opening DJ pulled this out during his set when people started to pour in. The time period is from 11:30 AM – 1 PM and people are slowly coming in after waking up from the mayhem of the night before. Medina’s beautiful vocals combined with the soothing bassline gets every bikini clad female swaying underneath the rays of the sun.

8. David Guetta ft. Flo Rida – Where Dem Girls At (Afrojack Remix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendDavid Guetta5


Played During: Afrojack @ Encore Beach Club, Afrojack @ XS, Calvin Harris/Steve Aoki @ Surrender Night Club

Why it was an Anthem: Another mainstream tune that gets a dose of Afrojack-ness. Remember, Vegas is all about mass appeal. Going by that standard this track gets the job done it was well received everywhere we went.

Side Note: The original mix was also played a bunch of times throughout our stay in Vegas. Definitely a DJ weapon to get the ladies moving.

7. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Original Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendLmfao

Listen via YouTube:

Played During: Afrojack @ Encore Beach Club (Opening DJ), Morgan Page @ Ditch Fridays, Afrojack @ XS (Opening DJ), and EVERY random bar/restaurant in Nevada.

Why it was an Anthem: LMFAO has a sneaky way of going under the radar for a while and then creating an absolutely massive track. The Kim Fai remix of this track was very solid, but who doesn’t like the original? You know what else is interesting? You know a song is big when the lyrics are “Everyday I’m Shuffling” and then every male in their mid 20’s decides that they should shuffle whether or not they really know how. One of the funnier moments of Vegas – when the collective group of bro’s next to our lily pad at Encore Beach Club decided to dance to this track and some girl (I’ll avoid inserting her name here) shoves one into the pool mid-shuffle. Needless to say she made a fan out of us.

6. The Wombats – Techno Fan (Afrojack Remix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendAfrojack @ Pacha 5 26 231


Why it was an Anthem: Afrojack productions usually drop fast and HARD. This track fuses the bleepy dutch drop with a slight muffle on the end of it. Las Vegas is filled with partier’s who are not necessarily EDM fans, this is perfect for everyone who was listening at Encore Beach Club and XS. Girls dig the emo vocals meshed with the upbeat house vibes. Definitely a stand out track for our successful trip.

5. Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey – I’m Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix) vs. Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend05 14 2011 DirtySouth Pacha 15


I’m Coming Home (Dirty South Club Mix)

Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)


Played During: Kaskade @ Encore Beach Club (Opening DJ), Dirty South @ Tao Beach, Morgan Page @ Ditch Fridays

Why it was an Anthem: Ok fine. We cheated, we incorporated three songs and made them all number 5. Whatever you forgive us. We heard all of these equally, everyone knows them by now, and like always we go NUTS! Big drops, noticeable lyrics, and fist pumping. Cameras ready prepare to flash!

4. Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki ft. Lil Jon – Turbulence (Sidney Samson Remix + Original Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend5322888264 04a62c27b3 Z


Sidney Samson Remix

Original Mix

Played During: Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki @ Surrender Night Club, Afrojack @ XS, Laidback Luke @ Marquee Night Club our hotel room and yelling it in the plane during our flight to Vegas.

Why it was an Anthem: Let’s admit it, secretly Lil’ Jon is a genius. He made millions of dollars off one word – “Yeah!” (think Usher). Now he is killing the EDM world with “We hit Turbulence” and guess what? It is catchy as hell. Sidney Samson’s remix was also played because the drop is huge. Whether you pick the original or Sidney’s you cannot go wrong.

3. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Original Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendSwedish House Mafia3


Played During: Every opening DJ’s set. People were humming it on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Why it was an Anthem: Is this arguably the biggest song of the year? Every time this song was dropped everyone sang along. The Swedish House Mafia have marketed themselves so well that everyone knows about them. It was warm during the pool parties, but this track managed to put chills down my spine.

2. Calvin Harris – Bounce (Original Mix) + Awooga (LMFAO Vocal Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendCalvinharrisbeyond


Bounce (Original Mix)

Awooga (Original Mix)

Awooga (LMFAO Vocal Edit)

Played During: It was played everywhere. All hours of the day and night. If you did not hear this song in Vegas you were either deaf or too inebriated to realize that music was playing.

Why it was an Anthem: Kelis’ vocals are so sexy in Bounce. Calvin Harris is wild live. The US government should have held a conference determining whether it should have been released to the public, because it is a certified BOMB. Watch the Awooga video posted above, the crowd was going NUTS during the LMFAO Vocal edit. Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Lil Jon were going wild because we were going wild. It is safe to say that this was one of the many “I am glad to be alive today” moments we had during our visit to the city of sin.

1. Rebecca Black – Friday (Original Mix)

Played During: Friday

Why it was an Anthem: Relax people I was only bullshitting you. Look below for the real number one.

The ‘real’ Number One Track of Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend!

1. Avicii – Levels (Original Mix)

The Top 10 Tracks of Las Vegas Memorial Day WeekendAvicii Timberg22 E1301522732940


Played During: If I listed all the places that I heard this song in Vegas you may actually still be reading this for another day and a half.

Why it was an Anthem: This song is an Anthem because Avicii is a God. There I said it. When I hear this so many mixed emotions go through my mind. Option A – Should I just start jumping up and down like a crazy Avicii fanatic? Option B – Should I embrace the person right next to me because I am so uncontrollably happy that I need to share the moment with someone? We went with Option C – Shower everyone with our beers on the dancefloor. If you are a DJ and you need a song to get the crowd engaged in your set…you need to drop “Levels”. I guarantee you it is more clutch than that 7 foot German who plays for the Dallas Mavericks.