Afrojack gets involved in the Avicii/Leona Lewis debacle, outs remix of “Collide”

We knew that the situation between Avicii and Leona Lewis was sticky, but now there’s even more to complicate matters. The lovable Dutch giant we call Afrojack tweeted yesterday telling people not to hate on the situation, and expressed his respect for both artists — and later Penguin Cafe Orchestra for the original sample. Now it’s come to light that Afrojack has actually done a remix of Leona’s track, and not Avicii’s. We don’t know what’ll actually happen now that Avicii’s camp and Ministry of Sound have publicly accused Sandy Vee and company of plagiarizing the original track, but we can’t imagine it’ll be good. We must admit that the situation seems eerily similar to the first time we heard Beyonce’s track, “Girls (Who Run The World)” which borrows a hefty portion of Afrojack’s own collaboration with Diplo, “Pon De Floor.” Anyone else noticing this trend of pop artists suddenly coming in to the EDM world and things like this starting to happen? Check out the remix after the break.

PS:┬áThis begs the question of why Afrojack even remixed Leona’s in the first place. Is this nefarious record label foul play unfolding out in the open? Who commissioned Afrojack to do the remix, and how didn’t he pick up on the similarities? The world may never know…