Avicii – Levels (Cover Edition)Avicii E1304547578930

Avicii – Levels (Cover Edition)

First of all we want to get one thing out in the clear. We pledge our allegiance to EDM, and EDM only. No other music gratifies us nearly as much, nor does any other genre of music attract the insane amount of good looking girls to a venue like EDM does. That being said…these two tracks are usable for DJ’s everywhere, even if they are not the usual postings you are accustomed to from Dancing Astronaut.

Cover #1 – Avicii – Levels (The Boy From Ipanema Vocal Mix)

The Boy From Ipanema, otherwise known as Neema from Dancing Astronaut, combined his sexy vocals with Avicii’s God-like production. What is the ending result of this mixture you ask? Pure bliss. If the girl you have been courting all night decides to ‘leave with her friends’ just use the hook in this song to get her back – “I want you to know…I won’t let you go that easily!” Thank you Neema, you have now solved all our late night clubbing problems. (Download-able via soundcloud player)

Cover #2 – Flo Rida – Good Feeling (Avicii Levels Cover)

Flo Rida actually sounds alright when “Levels” is playing! Then again, anyone can sound like a genius when arguably the best production of the year is backing them up. If you are DJing at a club and the crowd happens to be filled with degenerates (you may refer to them as ‘top 40’ lovers) that are begging you to play the latest garbage on the radio, you can now compromise and give them this.

Download: Flo Rida – Good Feeling (Avicii Cover)

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