Avicii vs Leona Lewis Part III: unofficial cease and desist issued, musicologist consulted

It looks like the Leona Lewis / Avicii drama isn’t over yet, and we’re starting to find out a bit more about what happens next. We’ve just learned that Avicii’s camp has sent an official cease and desist letter to SyCo demanding that Leona’s track be pulled immediately. Well-established forensic musicologist Peter Oxendale was brought in to scientifically analyze the eerily similar tracks, and though we don’t have the actual statement yet, it appears to give Avicii’s camp some tangible legal footing in the matter. For what it’s worth, some quick Googling reveals that Oxendale has written over 1,800 reports for copyright issues over the years, so if nothing else, bringing in a big wig like him could help Avicii’s plight and show Syco that this is not a matter being taken lightly. Sony Music and Leona’s people have still not returned any of our requests for comment, but we’ll definitely keep you updated as we learn more.

Update: We’ve just received more on the situation, and this is not an official C&D, but rather a preliminary warning to Syco from Avicii and Ministry of Sound. We’ll have to see what comes of it, and whether the record giant will finally break its silence on the matter and come clean with its side of the story. We’ve updated the post’s headline to reflect this.