Lady GaGa – The Edge Of Glory (Various Remixes)Lady

Lady GaGa – The Edge Of Glory (Various Remixes)

Lady GaGa should win the ‘most remix-able pop artist’ award. It seems as though everyone single one of her tracks gets multiple (quality) remixes. Sultan & Ned Shepard, Funkagenda, Porter Robinson, and Bare Noize take “The Edge Of Glory” to a whole new level.

If you are into progressive tracks that have a strong bite to it give Sultan & Ned Shepard’s remix a go. It combines a soothing bassline with a pulsing drop, throw Lady GaGa’s vocals on top and you have a club banger.

Funkagenda has a unique style – he takes elements of tech house and progressive to create beautiful melodies. What you should notice from this offering is the magical synth filled build up that starts at about 3:50. Wallop!

Electro-heads get ready for a bass overload! Porter Robinson injects “The Edge Of Glory” with a ton of ‘dirt’ to make your speakers blow a few fuses before the end of this remix.

If you love the wobble and distortions of the genre known as dubstep, you will fall in love with Bare Noize’s rendition of this track. This remix keeps you guessing the whole way through.