Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhousefeatureimage

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space Odyssey

When we were initially approached about checking out events at The Playhouse we were pumped to experience what this powerhouse had to offer. As far as we’d known the Playhouse was one of the hottest clubs in LA, but catered to more of a hip hop audience than EDM. After a quick look at its events calendar we had to tip our hats to the Hollywood nightlife juggernaut and thank Steven Parkens , the man who made it happen, for the experience we were about to embark upon!

As of June 16th they’d confirmed some of the biggest names in house including the Manufactured Superstars (founders of Beatport), Sharam, Nicky Romero, and even Tiesto. Insomniac Events official pre-party for EDC (when it was still in LA) was held at Playhouse with appearances by big names like Chuckie, Steve Angello, the Hilton sisters, and many other celebrities who are on top of the fastest growing trend in the music industry.

Playhouse is making all the right moves to cater toward the ever-growing EDM world and this is a testament to their longevity. Whereas nightlife destinations in the LA area are out of business after 6 months and Playhouse has been hovering at the top for 2 years now! DA would’ve been ecstatic to experience any and all of these shows but given our Bay Area base we could only make it down for a weekend show — read about our experience when the Manufactured Superstars came to town after the break.

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhouseastronette

After speaking to Playhouse’s DJ Alex Orlovsky we were informed that Manufactured Superstars have a residency at the LA hotspot, aptly titled The Space Odyssey (after the act’s tendency to perform in out-of-this-world gear).  We thought it was a unique opportunity to invite some members of the DA community to help us capture the experience and share it with you guys so we’d like to thank Cameron Nehrer and Chris Rodriguez for their help with media.

On June 17th, DA was in the building and the Space Odyssey was on! The Playhouse had been turned into a parallel universe with amazing decor and beautiful dancers dressed as sexy astronauts (if you don’t believe us, see for yourselves in the video below). We arrived just in time to catch Orlovsky give the club a pulse and get some blood flowing before the Manufactured Superstars would come on. After playing some old house classics Orlovsky finished his set with a DA favorite The Bingo Players’ “Cry Just a Little”.

Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix)

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhousebradroulier2

As “Cry Just a Little” started to hit we saw the first sign of Manufactured Superstars taking the stage. We were informed that Shawn of Manufactured Superstars was unfortunately unable to make it this time around, but after witnessing the duo’s awesome set at Beyond Wonderland we had high expectations which were soon to be met by Brad Roulier (pictured above).

If anyone had doubts about whether or not one half of Manufactured Superstars was enough to rock a party, we’re glad to inform you that they were annihilated within the first 5 minutes of the set. Daft Punk’s “One More Time” dropped along with  a streaming line of confetti with fog blasting onto the dance floor making everyone feel like they could act like they were really out of this world. What happens in space odyssey stays in space odyssey. (I’m still working on that one).

Things were rocking now and the crowd was starting to roll in at full force. Playhouse didn’t let things get too crowded which was sweet. We see clubs get over impacted too often. Happy to say nobody in DA got drinks spilled on them or even stepped on by some random girls heel while she was trying to jump and fist pump to dirty bass lines. We decided to check out the scenery some more and in doing so DA realized what a sexy crowd was in the building. Playhouse calls their Friday evening shows “Dirty Sexy House” and the crowd followed suit. The crowd was eclectic in style with an urban feel rather than the normal button-up/jeans combo you get most places. Their were some women decked out in beautiful tattoos, funky/nerdy glasses, and pinstriped vests. Okay so we didn’t go their to check out fashion but it really gave the atmosphere and the club some character. DA dug it..

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhousegirls

As we were roaming around, Manufactured Superstars dropped Steve Angello’s “Knas” to an eruption of the crowd. You saw the crowd PULSATING as it went into the drop.

We had to rock out before checking out what was going on in the upstairs room where DJ Eye was feeding the crowd with some classic vinyl 1s and 2s scratch work. Look out for him in the future he’s got some big time talent and knows how to get crowds lose it properly.

Heading back to the main stage we saw some of the astronaut ladies dancing in elevated cages doing some censor-worthy acrobatics (amen). Whatever they were doing should not be tried at home (although I’m personally all for it). After rocking out some more and being distracted by astronettes, Manufactured Superstars dropped TV Rock’s “Diamond in the Sky” and as they did Darth Vader and a fellow Stormship Trooper hit the stage dancing with some sexxy women!

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhousestormshiptrooper

At this point we at DA just looked at each other and couldn’t do anything but laugh at how nuts this experience was! We were having an amazing time just checking out the sites and scenery let alone the array of house favorites being mixed by Manufactured Superstars.

Manufactured Superstars at The Playhouse Hollywood: A Space OdysseyPlayhouseMF

The night was nothing short of magical and Roulier was drawing these to a close but not before a slew of confetti and smoke blasted out into the crowd for another round of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” to end things properly.

Figure we’d end this the same way :

Check out this DA video brought to you by some members of our community. Hit up Cameron Nehrer and Chris Rodriguez‘s work on their respective pages.

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