Max Vangeli DJing ‘virtual set’ on ResLive tonight at 10EST/7PSTVangeli ResLive

Max Vangeli DJing ‘virtual set’ on ResLive tonight at 10EST/7PST

It’s no secret that we’re loving the infiltration of technology into EDM world, and today we get to experience it in yet another way. Fresh off his sweet mini documentary, Max Vangeli is performing another virtual set on ResLive today for his fans. He takes the alternate reality stage at 7PM Pacific / 10PM Eastern, and is followed by G-Stav. A message on the Facebook event page — from Max himself — reads “I wanna see everybody there, but this show goes out to all my fans under 21…U guys support, support, support, but can’t always make it to the clubs.” It’s great to see DJs continually using technology to reach more fans — what will they think of next?

Via: Facebook, ResLive

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