UPDATED: AMC and Regal cancel ‘EDC Experience’, Insomniac distances itself from KaskadeAMC EDC Email

UPDATED: AMC and Regal cancel ‘EDC Experience’, Insomniac distances itself from Kaskade

It’s not all that unusual for a movie premiere to slow a city down, but Kaskade’s block party before the “Electric Daisy Carnival Experience” premiere literally brought the city to its knees. In fact, Insomniac’s CEO Pasquale Rotella couldn’t even get to Graumann’s Chinese Theater as the streets were blocked by Kaskade’s non-affiliated tirade. Well, it seems like we’re finally seeing some of the fallout, as multiple theaters have cancelled their one night only screenings of the film on August 4th.

Reader Rich Yueh tipped us on Twitter, and an email he received from AMC Theaters indicates that “we have decided to cancel the event in our theaters as the safety and security of our guests and associates at our theatres is top priority.” (Editors Note: Bolding theirs, not ours.) Some posts on Insomniac’s Facebook page echo the same cancellations at other theater chains including Regal Cinemas. We’re still waiting on official statements from the theaters or Insomniac, but for now it looks like the Electric Daisy curse lives on…

Update: Insomniac has confirmed AMC’s and Regal’s decision to not show the film in a note on their Facebook page. Further trying to distance itself from Kaskade’s party throwing, they also write that “it is extremely disheartening that some theaters wrongly associated an unaffiliated “block party,” and its disorderly crowd, with the private screening of the film.” So, no at Kaskade at EDC any more then?

Via: Rich Yueh, Facebook (Insomniac Events)