Mustard Pimp – ZHM (Dada Life Remix + Official Music Video)

Before you listen to the Dada Life remix, make sure to watch the music video posted above (directed by Behn Fannin). Usually when you watch something it generates some sort of emotional reaction, however, after watching this music video we are not quite sure whether we should be laughing out loud, slightly aroused (c’mon the chick is hot), or just plain WTF (yes, I just created this into an emotion). Either way after listening to this dark electro track you are going to want to see him live. Dancing Astronaut has provided you an avenue where you can win tickets to go see Mustard Pimp play on August 5th.

The Dada Life remix shoves the original mix into their ‘meat grinder’. In case you forgot you can definitely hear the use of their sausage fattener app to make this song ‘fatter’.

Purchase: Beatport

Purchase (2): ZHM – Single – Mustard Pimp

Source: Facebook (Mustard Pimp) 

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