Robbie Rivera presents the Juicy Radio Show (7/15) + new remixes to “In Too Deep”

Robbie Rivera is putting his Juicy Radio Show episodes on Soundcloud now. Hopefully all DJs will do the same!

Here are both parts of his 2 hour radio show recorded in Ibiza on July 15th. We’re asking Robbie for a tracklist so we’ll get that to you soon. Enjoy!

1/2 Juicy Radio Show 7/15

2/2 Juicy Radio Show 7/15

Check out Robbie’s new remix of his classic tune, In Too Deep, after the jump.

Robbie’s new 2011 remix features long, grungy electro synths mixed nicely with a lighter chord melody that really builds anticipation. When Laura Vane’s fantastic vocals and the main synth melody come in, the track reaches a new energy level. Robbie is known for very long build-ups and this one is worth the wait because the drop brings back the main synth melody, a vocal snippet on loop, and Robbie’s signature minimal bass drums.

Robbie Rivera Feat. Laura Vane-In too deep (2011 mix)

You can purchase this mix along with remixes from Jesse Voorn, Che Jose, and Pink Fluid on Beatport.