Sander Van Doorn – Koko (Various Remixes)Sander Van Doorn 43

Sander Van Doorn – Koko (Various Remixes)

Sander Van Doorn’s “Koko” was one of the most played songs at EDC this year. We would like to introduce you to the remixes – R3hab, Bingo Players, and disco king Olav Basoski all give us their renditions to this spectacular summer jam.

The Bingo Players have been pumping out remixes and tracks for the last couple of months, their remix of “Koko” is our favorite out of this particular package. They fuse the flute sound from the original with their trademark wobble-drop. This goes hard!

Olav injects some disco spice into “Koko” giving us a groovy laidback tune that is made for the dancefloor.

R3hab – get used to the name folks. He has had his hand in every big song for the last three months, this remix is the most similar to the original, except a ‘tad’ bit harder. N-JOY!

Release: Get your copy on Beatport tomorrow!