The M Machine – Trafalgar

A few months ago we stumbled upon a preview video for an otherwise unknown electronic act dubbed Metropolis. There was a ton of speculation surrounding the video and the music. Was this a collaboration between Skrillex and Porter Robinson? Was this a revival of Pance Party? Were they The M Machine or Metropolis? Why do I still wet the bed every night? For months the answers remained shrouded in mystery. But late last night The M Machine released their first single off their debut EP entitled Trafalgar.

As it turns out, The M Machine is, in fact, a re-imagining of Pance Party.  It’s almost as if a caterpillar became a butterfly… a ferocious, razor-toothed butterfly whose mating call is gritty bass lines and roaring synths. If this single is any indication of whats to come, then expect The M Machine to be one of the premiere electro acts during the tail end of the summer festival season. Hit the break for even more info!

Via: Soundcloud (The M Machine)

Be sure to follow their Facebook page closely for new releases and up to date information — and if you are in the San Francisco area this Thursday check them out at Ruby Skye with Porter Robinson.

(Editor’s Note: They are listed on the flyer as Metropolis but they are now called The M Machine)


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