Afrojack previews new tracks on Ustream, shows off his playful personality

DJ Afrojack held his first Ustream broadcast last night, inviting his fans and followers to join him in the studio — literally. We tuned in as soon as we saw him announce the stream on Twitter, and have to say, this guy seems like a pretty cool guy to hang out with. He previewed a bunch of upcoming tracks, including collaborations with Deadmau5 and Shermanology, and we have a sneaking suspicion that another track in the works is called “Robots Like to Have Sex.” Unfortunately he cut the Shermanology track early, saying “yeah, you’ll get this shit later,” and continued to taunt us by saying “I like the drop too.” It was fascinating to watch a true artist at work, playing what seemed like random out-of-place samples before putting it all together for what sounded a real track. Read on for some more takeaways from the impromptu mass-studio sesh.

Afrojack showed off that he’s really a kid at heart, joking with the viewers and generally having a cool, laid-back vibe. After he realized that he should add a cowbell beat to a song, he declared “I’m gonna buy a fucking cowbell,” and told confused fans to look up “cowbell” on YouTube. When he played something he didn’t like, he said “I think I can do better,” and proceeded to re-do the loop he had been working on. One user asked about moombahton, and he said that he’d do it “later on” before playing another one of his upcoming tracks with David Guetta, “Titanium.”

Before signing off, he thanked his fans again, and expressed how he makes the music only for them, and not for the labels or any other outside influences. Of course, he did ask how to kick people out of the room when the love got to be a little “too much.” The image of Afrojack literally taking his foot to the camera and making a kicking motion will keep us chuckling until next time… Yeah, there better be a next time.

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