Avicii and Leona Lewis ‘come to an agreement,’ stop colliding over ‘Fade Into Darkness’

Avicii and his team were forced to take Leona Lewis and Co to court to finally get a real response from the British pop singer, and a series of tweets posted by Avicii this morning indicate that the two artists have “come to an agreement” regarding the tracks in question. Avicii writes that he’s “So happy to move on and focus on hit making” after resolving “all the issues.” Interestingly, his first tweet looks to be an official statement that reads “So happy to move on with Leona and focus on having a hit together” — though the ‘a hit’ bit seems a bit odd to us.

We still have no details on what happened behind the scenes — though we’re admittedly very interested in hearing about how it went down and what terms were reached — but Avicii goes on to say that he’s “Glad to FINALLY have resolved the situation,” and that “music is the answer!” We’ve reached out for comment from the parties involved, and will get back to you if and when we hear more. For now though, we’re just glad to put this nonsense to rest and shift our attention back to where it really matters: the music.

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