Chuckie at Identity Festival Wantagh, August 21, 2011 (review)Sizematters Idfest 70

Chuckie at Identity Festival Wantagh, August 21, 2011 (review)

Chuckie has been a longtime friend of Dancing Astronaut, and we got to see him bring the Dirty Dutch to Long Island at Identity Festival this past weekend. From the second the charismatic DJ took the stage and innocently asked if everyone was “ready to jump,” we knew we were in for a high energy hour of classic Chuckie tracks and fist pumpers alike. Ready for the runaround? You know where to click.

Standing at the right side of the pit close to the festival’s main stage, we had the perfect viewing angle to capture the right mix of Chuckie and the energetic crowd. As soon as “Move It To the Drum,” came through the speakers, people started jumping ferociously. He added in the “We Are Your Friends” accapela and then moved to “Let Me Sip My Drink,” as he pulled a Heineken out of nowhere and took a sip — you know, just because. At this point, he again asked whether or not everyone was ready to jump, and the eclectic crowd of budding high school ragers and seasoned collegiate vets responded by getting even more wild and crazy.

Move It 2 The Drum (Original Mix)

Chuckie at Identity Festival Wantagh, August 21, 2011 (review)DJ Chuckie At Identity Festival 002

The highly underrated Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner track, “Animal Rights,” was up next, and paired quite nicely with “Around The World” from Daft Punk. That was before another bootleg of “Where’s Your Head At” with what we’re pretty sure was Autoerotique’s “Turn Up The Volume.” To follow that electro banger was Laidback Luke’s remix of “Dirty Talk,” a track should go without saying as being a smash. The next string of tunes was the always-entertaining “Barbra Streisand,” with an outro of “Hello,” (a combo also crafted by our very own DJ Eeko) and “Beautiful People” that got combined with another unidentified track.

Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights

Chuckie played the Mata bootleg of “All of the Lights” popularized by Laidback Luke and an inventive bootleg of Sidney Samson’s “Punk” with bits and pieces of Nero’s pop track, “Me and U.” In fact, the entire set had a Luke-like vibe to it, with tons of mixing on the fly and quite a bit of jumping. In case you needed more convincing, just turn to Congorock’s “Babylon” — which came on shortly after.

Kanye West ft Rihanna – All Of The Lights (Mata Bootleg)

Chuckie at Identity Festival Wantagh, August 21, 2011 (review)Sizematters Idfest 78

What came next was a monster SHM bootleg party: the instrumental remix of “One,” White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” and “Show Me Love.” Oh, and that was followed up with the vocal mix of “One Your Name,” just for good measure. Perhaps taunting the crowd with his effortless DJ skills, he next played “Swagger Like Us” along with “Satisfaction.”

“Rhythm Is A Dancer” gave everyone a short-lived reprieve that didn’t do much good when it was combined with an excruciatingly long intro of “Warp 1.9.” Chuckie actually had the everyone in the venue squat down to their knees before he undid the loop and let the song play — the security guards weren’t exactly into getting low though. Once we all knew who was in charge, he again proclaimed his prominence with his remix of “Who’s In The House.” “Awooga,” and “Save The World,” played next, before the DJ favorite, “One More Time.”

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9 (Original Mix)

Chuckie at Identity Festival Wantagh, August 21, 2011 (review)Sizematters Idfest 72

Chuckie’s set at Identity Festival ended with a closing edit of “I’m In Miami Bitch,” that was appropriately replaced with “New York,” before he screamed “I’m DJ Chuckie Bitch” and told everyone to pose for photo that he could put on Twitter. After spinning a set that was probably the best of the day, he stepped off the stage with a swagger that takes years to acquire. Oh Chuckie, how do we get to be as cool as you?

PS: He dropped his “Paris Satisfaction” bootleg too — don’t forget to grab the free download.

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