Circus Records: No Strings Attached EPNSA

Circus Records: No Strings Attached EP

Circus Records is set to release its “No Strings Attached EP” on August 15th on all top digital stores worldwide. The EP is packed with some of the biggest names in Dubstep from Datsik to some names we’ve never heard before Boy Kid Cloud. Nevertheless, be sure to sure to pick up the EP on the 15th of August and we can insure that you will be satisfied with your daily dose of Dubstep for days on end.

Circus Records said: “These EP’s are pretty much a platform for introducing new talent or just signing tracks that are a bit different that we really love, it doesn’t have to be dancefloor, it doesnt have to be deep, it doesnt even have to be dubstep, just good tracks by talented producers. ‘No Strings Attached‘ has to be the strongest EP so far with an amazing selection of tracks from some of our favorite guys in the scene, and we know you will enjoy them as much as we do.” Be sure to preview the tracks below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: Circus Records


1. Exponaut – E621

2. Datsik and Downlink – Sting

3. Brown and Gammon – Be There

4. Boy Kid Cloud – How It Looks