Defected Records presents Beachclubbing 2011 + Album GiveawayDefected Beach Clubbing1

Defected Records presents Beachclubbing 2011 + Album Giveaway

You glance out over the happily swaying crowd to the glistening sea beyond, mojito in one hand while the other taps a gentle 4/4 rhythm against your thigh. A smile slowly spreads across your face, as the realisation dawns; the DJs just dropped the tune, that tune. The one that makes everything feel warm, good, right.
You turn and look for your friends dancing nearby, knowing that the same exact feeling is currently spreading from their bare toes to the very top of their heads. Almost visibly glowing now, the crowd whoop and cheer as the DJ drops the beat. This is everything you hoped it would be, the greatest feeling on earth. This is Beach Clubbing and it is pure bliss.

Speaking of pure bliss, Dancing Astronaut is giving away 5 (five) digital album vouchers to our lucky contest winners.

It was an obvious ‘Eureka’ moment when we all realized that we should try and bottle the feeling and encapsulate the sound and vibe of the beach party. However putting together a beach clubbing soundtrack was no easy task, after all how can you sum up that summer vibe in two CDs?  After some careful thought and endless searching we have come up with what we believe to be the ultimate in Beach clubbing soundtracks. We have created two mixes that represent the blissful day vibe moving onto a pacier nocturnal groove.

Defected Presents Beach Clubbing by Defected Records