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Guti: The Dancing Astronaut Interview

Argentinian DJ/producer Guti, has been spinning around the world for some time and has developed a strong following (Dancing Astronaut included). If you love soothing, tech-inspired house music with a splash of the Ibizian vibe then this is the artist for you. Check out his recently released album Patio De Juegos, the perfect poolside disc, and read our interview after the break.

DA: What was the inspiration behind the name ‘Guti,’ is it a stage name? Or is it your birth name?

Guti: Guti comes from Gutierrez, my mother’s last name. They’re a musical family, everybody is amazing there, orchestra directors, pianists, all kinds of great musicians. It is an honor to use their name.

DA: Tell us about your new album. Where you recorded it, which track you’re most proud of, etc.

Guti: I recorded it around the world — Paris, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and more. I’m proud of every song cause each one has its own story. But “Still Here” means a lot to me. I made it the first night I came back to Buenos Aires one time, and it’s very emotional. It’s a statement, I’m in music forever, a long journey and still here.

Guti – Patio De Juegos (Original Mix)

DA: What does it mean to be a “real musician” when it comes to electronic music these days? What’s your live setup like?

Guti: Being a real musician must have more to do with the meaning of music than with your education. It’s a way of seeing the world in a totally different way.My live set up is a Maschine from Native Instruments as a drum machine, where I do the beats and break the recorded feeling, a controller, my laptop, and a keyboard to play some live keys, gives me the live feeling.

DA: Your track “All the Girls” – we love it and wanted to ask you about it in more detail. Where did the vocals come from? What instruments were involved? What has the crowd reception to the track been when performed live?

Guti: It’s a special song, I wrote it in less than an hour. It was so natural, there is some percussion, piano, a big bass line, and two girls singing like they’re coming from the space. The reception has been amazing, it’s a favorite.

Guti – All The Girls (Original Mix)

DA: Who would you list as your musical inspiration(s)?

Guti: Oscar Peterson, Mercedes Sosa, and my mother.

DA: You’re on the tail end / finishing your summer tour, during which you’ve traveled the Americas far and wide. Which gig was your favorite, and why?

Guti: I’ve been touring nonstop for a long time, and it’s amazing. You get a rhythm, you enjoy every show, and your performances get better and better. Hard to say a best show cause I loved all of them, but D.Edge in Sao Paulo is always hot, and Electric Pickle (Miami) was something really special.

DA: Going forward, what do you think you’ll have to do with your second album to avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump” that many artists find themselves in?

Guti: I’m not scared at all, since the album I’ve done thousands of songs and it works likes this. Music moves forward as life does. If you love what you do, and you know what you are doing, then things come along.

Guti – Sun (Original Mix)

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