Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella goes on the EDC defensive, makes valid observationsInsomniac Logo

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella goes on the EDC defensive, makes valid observations

Insomniac, the company who put on Electric Daisy Carnival, has had a fragile relationship with the city of Los Angeles after a tragic death back in 2010. Since being ostracized to San Bernadino, and upping the ante in Vegas, we’ve been wondering if and when the incredibly elaborate festival would ever make its way back to the city that made it famous.

Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac’s CEO, has written an appeal published in the LA Times directed at the news outlets and onlookers who continue to focus on the negative, failing to point out similar practices in other genres — such as the “thick haze of marijuana smoke laying over the crowd” at UCLA’s reggae festival, for example. He goes on to defend the company’s position and reduce concerns by citing the investments in additional security and safety, and the increased transparency and success of Insomniac’s productions. He also distances Insomniac from Kaskade’s Flashcrowd that developed at the EDC Experience premiere, but uninformed parties still associate the fiasco with Insomniac though it was done independently by Kaskade.

As a publication that makes a business out of bringing our readers the best coverage possible of events like EDC, we echo Rotella’s frustrations. He writes that “the self-destructive behavior of a few people shouldn’t cause a ban against a music genre,” and we couldn’t agree more. The piece is no doubt an earnest plea for forgiveness from the city of Los Angeles, and given everything Insomniac has done to make changes and the intense devotion people have to the brand, we hope they get another chance. Though, an EDC in New York doesn’t sound too bad to us…

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