Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ SetsKaskade And Redfoo

Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ Sets

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t.com/2011/07/dada-life-at-lavo-ny-july-7-2011-review/”>experiences at LAVO NYC have been fairly standard for the most part — in a good way. It’s always got an insanely busy door, cool signage hanging from the ceiling, and of course, a crowd with a passion for great electronic music. We were lucky enough to be among the chosen few to be granted access for an ultra exclusive private event Wednesday with Kaskade, and popped by on Thursday when Redfoo was in the house. We didn’t plan on bringing you coverage of LMFAO’s takeover, but it was too fun not to share. You can read about these two very different LAVO experiences after the break.

Kaskade at LAVO

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ SetsKaskade At LavoNY 18

The standard artist signage that usually hangs from the ceiling was replaced with two giant LED screens flanking both sides of the DJ booth, installed specifically for the event. DA pink neon signs were hung at the front and back of the club emblazoned with Kaskade’s moniker. CO2 canisters were fully loaded and chilled the club down by a few degrees with each prolonged burst. Yes, when Kaskade went on at 1:26AM Wednesday, LAVO was certainly ready for him, but unfortunately his set was not particularly engaging.

The opening DJ’s final track was the understated but epic Madeon remix of “Raise Your Weapon,” which we’ve heard in LAVO before but still contend to be an amazing club floor filler. Kaskade’s opened with his latest single, “Eyes,” which was accompanied by a blast of CO2 that simultaneously blinded us and made us shiver with anticipation. He followed that up with his mashup, “Angel on My Shoulder Reaver 76,” and Tim Mason’s, “The Moment.” That had us excited for a night full of bangers, but it was followed up by a string of tracks we were unable to ID. Then suddenly the sultry oohs and aahs of Alesso’s remix to “Pressure” came on, followed by the infectious Calvin Harris release, “Feel So Close.” He also gave Avicii some love with “Fade Into Darkness,” before his remix of “Cinema” which we don’t particularly care for. Other highlights of the set included his mashup of “Coming Home at 4AM” and Martin Solveig’s “Ready 2 Go.”

Kaskade, Diddy, Dirty Money & Dirty South – Coming Home at 4 AM (Kaskade Mash Up)

Kaskade VS. Tiesto, Hardwell, EDX & Marco V. – Angel On My Shoulder Reaver 76 (Kaskade Mash Up)

Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ SetsKaskade At LavoNY 17

The usual LAVO crowd of electronic music addicts and enthusiasts was replaced with a more business-y type of crowd, and the vibe in the club was distinctly different. It didn’t have that electricity that just keeps you tuned into the music among a sea of folks doing the same. Don’t get us wrong, the venue was packed for most of the night, but it was noticeably different from experiences there in the past and generally felt underwhelming.

Finally towards the end of the night he dropped a DA favorite in the form of the Sultan & Ned Shepard remix of “Fire In Your New Shoes,” which is (in our opinion) worlds better than the Angger Dimas that he’s been including in other recent sets. He rounded out the night with “Show Me Love,” which was a nice send off, but didn’t feel quite right to end with.

Kaskade – Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan and Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)

PS: Wanna see more photos of the night, including Noah’s insane birthday dinner at Tao? Head over to World Red Eye for some serious eye candy.

Redfoo of LMFAO at LAVO

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ SetsLAVO NY August 17 18 03

Much of Thursday was spent recovering, so our return that night was very much off-the-cuff and unplanned. After Kaskade’s mediocre showing the night before, we were hesitant to given Redfoo of LMFAO a real chance — but that most certainly changed upon entry. The cellphone-quality photos included in this part of the review should be a sign of just how much we were compelled to share it with you.

We arrived on the later side, but 2AM was just in time to see Redfoo dropping a live vocal to “I’m In Miami Bitch,” which was appropriately switched to “I’m in New York Bitch” for the festivities. Even after multiple choruses and ample time to gather ourselves, LMFAO continued exploiting the crowd with what’s arguably the greatest song of Summer 2011: “Party Rock Anthem.” Redfoo did the vocals on this one completely live, and it did not disappoint in any way. If we’re being completely honest here, the club’s reaction to this track on its own was probably better than anything Kaskade achieved for himself the night earlier.

More LMFAO tracks followed into the night, but slowly the Redfoo lyrics became a thing of the past. We were impressed and surprised by the selection of tunes chosen, with a bunch of big-time bangers showing up in the set. The wildest part of the night was when Redfoo declared that we were all going to get “f**ked up” on LAVO’s dime before parading out an endless line of Patron bottles. The feelgood vibes were everywhere in the club, as no fewer than two different guests shoved vodka down our throats as well. A member of Redfoo’s clan was on stage pouring Patron into a funnel, and there were champagne showers — literally — throughout the night. There’s no other way to say it: LMFAO is an insanely fun act, and their wild antics and crazy energy really brought LAVO to life.

Kaskade and Redfoo at LAVO: A Tale of Two DJ SetsLAVO NY August 17 18 04

Though our experiences at LAVO this week were completely different in nature, Wednesday’s hiccup was redeemed by Redfoo and his Party Rock squad. The club’s crowd returned to its music-obsessed, mid-20s self, and the charismatic nature of the interesting performers had everyone smiling (and reeling) all night long. Kaskade was let down by a crowd for whom the music was not the number one priority, but hopefully that’ll change when he’s back on stage at Identity Festival tomorrow. Us? We’re just in shock that it’s not even the weekend yet.

Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye.com

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