Manufactured Superstars at Identity Festival Wantagh, NY, August 21st, 2011 (review)

We’ve seen (and interviewed) the Manufactured Superstars perform many times before, but after watching them at Identity Festival in Wantagh this Saturday, we can confirm that they are still entertaining as hell. Dressed in their astronaut suits — which we swear we have nothing to do with — they took to the Advent stage in the time slot right before the storm clouds opened up. Their equipment survived the rain that began to set in towards the end, but our cellphones survived, leaving us able to give you a recap of one of the day’s better sets.

The Manufactured Superstars’ set had the vibe of a great day party, and it was mostly upbeat bangers and singalongs that worked perfectly for the younger, less EDM-educated crowd at the event. They opened with R3hab and Swanky Tunes’ “Sending My Love,” and also played “Give Me Everything” to encourage a big outdoor singalong. “Little Bad Girl” and “Save The World” also did just that, in addition to a simmilar bootleg that Thomas Gold played earlier in the weekend, “Blow Up” with the “Pump Up The Jam” acapella.

LMFAO’s “Champagne Showers” was an excellent addition to the set and also served as an interesting foreshadowing of the real showers that were advancing on Jones Beach. A bootleg of “Space Junk” with “Shiny Disco Balls” was pretty memorable, as were “Turbulence,” “Show Me Love,” and “Turn Up the Volume” with the “Leave The World Behind” acapella. The energy from the set was so off the charts that a guy on stage dove head first into the densely packed front section, and proceeded to crowd-surf for a solid few minutes. It was pretty insane to watch live, and definitely put the set over the edge.

AutoErotique – Turn Up The Volume (Original Mix)

The set was upbeat and had the crowd going crazy, but there was definitely one track of the set that stands out. Rather than siding with Leona Lewis or Avicii, the Manufactured Superstars played Switzerland by dropping the “Penguins Collide Into Darkness” bootleg. We’ll admit that we were a bit stunned when we heard the Leona vocals start out over the controversial mix, but as soon as everyone started singing “Fade Into Darkness,” we instantly forgot about the slight misstep by the astronauts on stage.

Avicii & Leona Lewis – Penguins Collide Into Darkness

A bootleg of “One More Time” with “Music Sounds Better With You” closed out the set, before most of the crowd headed over to see Chuckie at the main stage. The bootleg was a great way to close out a set that was all about the fans, and we know we definitely had a fun time.

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