Moguai: The Dancing Astronaut Interview

Moguai: The Dancing Astronaut InterviewMoguai1

For those who don’t know, André Tegeler, better known by his DJ name Moguai, is one of the more acclaimed remix artists and producers in the EDM world who has risen seemingly from nowhere over the past two years. He has mixed popular tracks from different artists ranging from Afrojack to Britney Spears. Be sure to check out our past coverage of him for more insight into his hard-hitting style. We got a chance to talk with him about his work, signing with Deadmau5’s record label, mau5trap, and what he’s working on next.

How has your summer been so far? Where have you been gigging?

Despite the rainy weather here in Germany, it has been a great summer so far. I was touring the States for three weeks in June, with great gigs in San Diego, LA, Chicago, Denver and EDC Las Vegas. I played Festivals in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and had lots of great gigs, for example, at Sankeys [in] Manchester.

Back in 2004 you described the Moguai sound as “progressive / tech-house – electro-rock`n`roll” – do you still stand by that? If not, what would you say it’s more like now?

Still going for that!

Britney Spears – I wanna go (Moguai Remix)

Your remix of “Bangduck” took many by surprise, for several different reasons…some because the original far preceded the remix, some because they hadn’t really seen such a high-profile Moguai track to play in a while, and some because it was just so good…what do you say to all three camps?

I have just finished working on a couple of remixes, so there is still much more in the pipeline, whether you refer to high-profile or quality remixes. But I can´t really tell you why I should remix a track that was released one year before ;)

Any special reason why you chose to remix “Bangduck”? What was the response from Afrojack?

There is not a big story behind it. Afrojack already loved “Optinuum” and heard the remix I did for Felix da Housecat [at the] beginning of March, so he asked if I would like to remix Bangduck, that’s pretty much it.

Underworld – Diamond Jigsaw (Moguai Remix)

You have a close working relationship with mau5trap. How is your relationship with deadmau5 himself?

We have fun when we play shows together and I appreciate his feedback when he hears new tracks or remixes, but it’s not that we work closely togehter.

We always like to ask DJs this question…who’s on your list of who to watch? (Think Avicii in early 2010)

Jacob Plant has just delivered an incredibly good remix for one of my next singles, you should definitely keep an eye on this young talent!

Any other Moguai news you would like to tell us about?

There are many tracks and even more remixes coming up, but unfortunately I can´t tell you more details right now. I am also working on my second album, but there is no hurry for that.

Rye Rye – Never will be mine (feat. Robyn) (Moguai Remix)

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