Nicky Romero TV episode 1 goes live, shows us what it’s like to be a mega DJ

Nicky Romero’s remix of “Flash” has been tearing it up in virtually every major DJ set this summer, but the man himself has also been a tare throughout America as well. This first episode of Nicky Romero TV brings viewers on a journey from Chicago all the way to Miami, with stops in San Diego and LA among others. The video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be on tour with the DJ, complete with private jets and scantily clad ladies — definitely not a bad life by any stretch of the imagination. We’re absolutely loving these DJ videos, but can’t forget about the ones from Max Vangeli and Avicii as well. Oh, and if you’re interested in even more great video content, be sure to head over to our YouTube channel as well!

PS: It features the upcoming Nicky Romero & DJ Apster collaboration, “Bootcamp,” which is finally available here.

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