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Rusko Premiers New Track

Last night on Mistajam’s Radio 1 Xtra show, Rusko premiered a new track he has been working on titled “Somebody to Love.” Rusko, who deserves a lot of credit for being a major force in bringing dubstep over to the United States, has been killing it lately with releases like “Everyday” (the Netsky remix is outrageously good).

The talking over the recording of “Somebody To Love” is pretty annoying, but as this was a world exclusive, there are no other versions available yet. On the bright side, the track sounds amazing and releases like this are sure to keep Rusko on top in the dubstep world. As mentioned by Mistajam, there is no word yet on when this is being released but we will update you with the full version when it finally drops. For now, enjoy this and get pumped for the release.

Rusko – Somebody To Love

Via: Facebook (Rusko)

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