Sander Van Doorn – Eleve11 (Album Review)SVD Eleve11

Sander Van Doorn – Eleve11 (Album Review)

After dropping what is definitely one of the anthems of the summer, “Love Is Darkness,” Sander Van Doorn is back with his second full album, Eleve11. There are some fantastic tracks on this album, including massive collaborations with Sidney Samson, Laidback Luke, and Adrian Lux. Out on September 19th, with, you guessed it, 11 tracks, Eleve11 is one of the most anticipated albums of the year — and we finally got to listen to it. Read on after the break to get the full lowdown on Eleve11 and find out whether we think it has lived up to the hype or not.

The Great

While there are an abundance of phenomenal tracks on this album, a few stand out.

The first two are fairly obvious choices, but as two of the biggest hits of 2011, they both deserve the honor.

Sander Van Doorn ft. Carol Lee – Love is Darkness

Sander Van Doorn – Koko

Fortunately for you, there are three other tracks that deserve the “great” accolade. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Sander Van Doorn & Sidney Samson ft. Nadia Ali – Rolling the Dice

“Rolling the Dice” is a collaboration with Dutch-House legend Sindey Samson and features one of today’s most sought after vocalists, Nadia Ali. It has the widespread appeal value of “Love is Darkness” and — mark our words — it could be the biggest track from the album.

Sander Van Doorn & Laidback Luke – Who’s Wearing the Cap

When two of EDM’s biggest names collaborate on a track, it’s often easy to let your expectations reach unreasonable heights. However, with this track those expectations are exactly where they should be. “Who’s Wearing The Cap” is an absolute anthem with scintillating synth stabs and a massive drop.

Sander Van Doorn ft. Tom Helsen – Believe

“Believe” has a beautiful house-y piano chord melody and features the incredibly soothing vocals of Tom Helsen.

The Good

Just because only a few tracks can attain the label “great” doesn’t mean you should stop listening there. The two below tracks are both huge productions in their own right and only miss out on the top category because of the high standard set by the others.

Sander Van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles

Sander Van Doorn – Nano

The Rest

These tracks may appeal more to diehard trance fans than the ones above. In our opinion, while they are no doubt thoughtful productions, they lack some of the infectious, memorable qualities that some of the other tracks possess.

Beyond Sound

Timezone ft. Frederick

Drink to Get Drunk

Slap My Pitch Up


Good News For You…

We hate to taunt you like this, but we’re told that official album previews should go live next week and the full album will be out in a month if you can wait. At first listen, this is certainly one of the albums of the year, and it’s a definite download once it’s up for grabs.

Dancing Astronaut Grade: A

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