Skrillex teases Owsla, his upcoming label, with slightly creepy viral videos

For those of you who subscribe to Skrillex’s YouTube channel or have visited his page recently, you’ll be familiar with a little boy being called “creepy dubstep child.” For those of you who aren’t familiar, have a look at the video above and you will see exactly what we are talking about. There’s some hidden meaning here and we’ve broken it down for you after the break.

This video is the second in a set of (so far) three viral ads for Skrillex’s upcoming label, which looks to be called Owsla. The name comes from that of a military caste of rabbits in the fantasy novel Watership Down. Skrillex talked a little bit about it earlier in the summer, mentioning that Porter Robinson will be the first release on Owsla, but couldn’t say too much more at that time. Skrillex will apparently be hand picking the aritsts for the label. We’ve also heard that dubstep artists such as Koan Sound and Alvin Risk will also be releasing on the label.

Skrillex says he is excited for the launch as he knows there is so much amazing music out there and hopes to be able to bring more of it to the EDM community through Owsla. We envision it becoming a newfound mau5trap, with an emphasis on the burgeoning dubstep and electro scene. All the promos out there have us convinced that the label is probably not too far off. As someone who has really been a force in the rise of bass heavy music, we’re excited to see what he will be able to do with the extended reach of his own label.

UPDATE: Label launches August 31st. Countdown calendar via

P.S. Check out our preview of his newest unreleased track!

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