Skylar Grey – Invisible (Various Remixes)Invisible

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Various Remixes)

The long awaited remixes of Skylar Grey’s “Invisible” have now fallen upon us. We have an array of big name artists in this package with each track offering something different yet appetizing. The breakdown of each remix can be found below, grab all of them on iTunes today!

Dirty South has already had one of the biggest remixes of the year alongside Skylar Grey. Does his rendition actually outdo that of “Coming Home”? The standards are lofty with this sensitive progressive tune, the sweeping sounds from Dirty South really accentuate Skylar’s fabulous vocals. While “Coming Home” was more of a club oriented remix you can relax and n-joy this “Invisible” remix.

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Dirty South Remix)

What would this package be without a dubstep remix? Whiiite uses the perfect amount of distortions and wobbles to give this pleasant song a bad ass edge. We are a fan of the slower BPM that is evident in portions of the track, it prepares you for the huge drop that follows soon after.

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Whiiite Remix)

Mihell & Pinkfinger add a little darkness to “Invisible” the tech sounds give you a mysterious sounding drop. Imagine listening to this in the wee hours of the morning, the sex appeal of everyone in the room just increased exponentially.

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Mihell & Pinkfinger Remix)

If you like being in outer space listen to the Fred Falke remix, it gives you that open area kind of feel. While this is not the normal club banger you’d usually expect, this does put you in a good mood. Most people listen to house music to increase their heart rate, who would have thought that you can actually relax to it as well?

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Fred Falke Remix)

Kaskade really has an uncanny knack to bring out the best parts of vocals in his remixes. Then again he is one of the best DJs in the world so what else did you expect? While all of these remixes are some form of progressive (outside the Whiiite remix) this one goes the hardest, the synth incorporated drop increases the fist pump potential the most out of the progressive package.

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)

We saved the best for last. John Dalhback you are a king. This track brings out all the best elements of EDM – it is fun, engaging, and uplifting. The Dirty South and Kaskade remixes garnered the most attention (probably due to their names), but John Dahlback receives the Dancing Astronaut stamp of approval as the no.1 remix.

Skylar Grey – Invisible (John Dahlback Remix)

Editor’s Note: David Lynch has an official remix as well, it is a very chilled out track but does not qualify as EDM. Give it a listen if you love ‘quiet’ sensual music.

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