Tiesto ft. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoerotique + Original Mix)Tiesto

Tiesto ft. Kay – Work Hard, Play Hard (Autoerotique + Original Mix)

Tiesto has just released his latest masterpiece, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” on his own imprint Musical Freedom. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the mega DJ make the transition between pure trance to trouse, electro, and big room. Great producers manage to stay on the top due to their abilities to change with the time. Along the way Tiesto has been bringing up some up and coming studs in the industry such as Angger Dimas (Boys Will Be Boys ring a bell?), it is always nice to lend a helping hand when you are dominating your respective industry.

The original mix of “Work Hard, Play Hard” is a pop house tune that is a very easy on the ears. Nothing about this song goes hard, the drops aren’t huge, and it does not have that trademark big room sound from previous Tiesto tracks such as “Zero 76” and “Don’t Ditch“. ¬†That being said everything¬†about this song is pleasant to listen to, starting with Kay’s exquisite vocals all the way to the rolling bassline. You will n-joy this one.

Before you read the description for Autoerotique’s remix – forget everything we mentioned about the original mix. This remix brings out the best of the electro house genre. Big drops, that trademark dirty electro sound, and a variety of distortions that will keep your ears busy for the songs entirety.

Health Warning: listening to this remix may give you 3rd degree burns all around your ears. Please have a bucket of water present in order to douse the fire.

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