Afrojack at Electric Zoo NY, Day 3, September 4, 2011 (review)

Afrojack occupied a similar timeslot to David Guetta on the final night of Electric Zoo, and that turned out to be one of the sweet spots for music during the event. From the very beginning, the energy was high, the bass was pronounced, and the music was bone-chillingly epic. Afrojack proclaimed at the beginning that this was “gonna be one fucking crazy party” before asking the thousands of onlookers if they were ready — and of course, they were. Keep reading if you wanna hear about this epic Afrojack set, and see tons of awesome photos showing what it was like for the Dutch DJ on stage in front of all those people!

Afrojack opened with his intro edit of “Bangduck” and the acapella of “Take Over Control.” A familiar string of AJ favorites kept the bleeps and bloops up for the first part of the set, with “Amsterdamn,” “Polkadots 2010,” and a bootleg of “Selecta” with “Hello.” That bootleg suddently turned into another bootleg, this time of “Hello” with “Pon De Floor,” and “How I Like It.” He played “Riverside” with “Knas” before going back into the original mix of “Take Over Control.” Needless to say, things kicked off in a big way — but this is just the beginning.

Right as the loop for “Take Over Control” wrapped, we were treated to the “Day N Nite” vocals from Kid Cudi that then received the drop of Avicii’s “Levels” and an iconic acapella sequence from “Leave The World Behind.” He followed that up with a new track from his label, and told everyone in attendance that they were the first in the world to hear it. We don’t have any info on the track for now, but we’ll let you know as we hear more. Update: The track in question is “The One and Only” from Quintino. Thanks Dominik!

Next up was another massive Daft Punk bootleg of “Technologic” with “Aerodynamic” and “Moombah” from Silvio Ecomo and Chuckie. Then was a mashup of “Prutata” with “Love Is Gone,” before he slowed down the energy and asked New York if it was ready for the “No Beef.” Hearing the track live was probably one of the highlights of the set, and nearly everyone we saw was mouthing along to the lyrics. Afrojack was continually fist pumping and soaking in the insane love from the crowd — it was amazing to see him so in his element. (Check out the photo gallery to see what we mean.)

After that, he let everyone sing along as he played the Zedd remix of “Save The World,” (not to be confused with the nonexistent Afrojack remix). What came next can only be described as incredibly inventive and original — a bootleg of “Calling” with the “Louder Than Words.” To quote the man himself: “Fuck yeah!” This was another highlight of the set, so you can imagine how we felt when he slowly brought in the “When Love Takes Over” acapella at the end before adding in the followed it up with a mix of the “Be Pacha” back track as “Calling” faded away.

The last part of the set began with the Afrojack Classic, “Vancouver,” before The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki “Warp 1.9.” He then dropped one more new track that he proclaimed to have made the night earlier, again indicating that we were the first ones to hear it. He of course dropped his megahit of the moment, “Give Me Everything,” in the R3hab remix before finishing with a bootleg of “Replica” with “Rolling in the Deep.”

For about ten seconds, there music cut at the end of Adele’s vocal before he announced that he’d do one more, and dropped Tiesto’s “Maximal Crazy,” an appropriate track to wrap up a set that was indeed, maximally crazy. Afrojack absolutely blew Randalls Island out of the water, and his set was inventive, fun, and insanely jam-packed. It was one of the highlights of the weekend for sure, and definitely gave us everything. If you haven’t heard it yet you should make sure to download it ASAP. Selecta!

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