Bart B More at Electric Zoo 2011 Day 1: 5 tracks you need to know

Bart B More at Electric Zoo 2011 Day 1: 5 tracks you need to know

For those of us who long for the days when acid house was king, Bart B More is a refreshing change in a scene that is oversaturated with sweeps, builds, and bleeps. Minimalistic, gritty, and downright mean, his unique spin on the classic acid house sound is finally starting to find its way into the sets of some of EDM’s biggest names. If there is one person who can bring the 303 back it’s Bart — his talent and his willingness to take risks are going to launch him into super-stardom. Check out some of our favorite tracks from his set in the early afternoon on the first day of Electric Zoo and you may just become a believer.

20110902 Bartbmore9electric Zoo 2011 Friday

1. Bart B More – BRAP! Badge Itunes Sm

Arguably the song that put Bart on the map. Fuck melody, fuck chord progressions, and fuck your neighbors. This track is loud, angry and obnoxious and it’s not going to apologize for it any time soon.

2. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Bart B More Remix)

Yes, the song was played out by mainstream radio and maybe Cee Lo Green does have some creepily white teeth, but that doesn’t mean this track should be overlooked. The original was catchy (as much as we’d hate to admit it), so when you mix in Bart’s passion for deep bass and funky breakdowns you are left with one hell of a banger.

20110902 Bartbmore1electric Zoo 2011 Friday

3. Bart B More – Gilles (Original Mix)Badge Itunes Sm

A personal favorite of ours, Gilles follows the same formula as many of his tracks. A tribal drum beat accompanied by glitched vocals and squealing synths. We couldn’t help but jump when this was dropped on Friday.

4. Bart B More ft. Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork (Original Mix)Badge Itunes Sm

An acid house masterpiece, this track is making its way into the sets of some of the scene’s biggest players. The last two times we have seen Steve Angello he spun this track.  The unrelenting 303 combined with the space-age synth and mesmerizing vocals easily bring a dancefloor to its knees.

5. Dem Slackers – Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Lessgo’ Remix)

Ready, Set, Let’s Go! From start to finish this song does not let up. The original track wasn’t much to listen to, even downright boring at times. Bart’s remix is addicting with a huge build and a great breakdown. Best heard on a serious sound system, your tinny laptop speakers are not going to do this track any justice.

So, what’s your favorite track from Bart?