Bassjackers at Nocturnal Wonderland Day 2 – 5 tracks you need to knowBassjackers

Bassjackers at Nocturnal Wonderland Day 2 – 5 tracks you need to know

If you haven’t heard the Bassjackers banger “Mush Mush” yet, you’re either deaf, living under a rock, or both. The track got huge support from Tiesto, was arguably the song of EDC, and has been played relentlessly at festivals all summer. Seriously, it’s been impossible to escape.

While only one member of the Bassjackers duo performed the Queens Ground stage at this year’s Nocturnal Wonderland, the thumping, bass-driven set was one of the highlights of the entire festival. Here are the 5 tracks you need to know.

1. PerryEtty – Applause for You (Bassjackers Remix)

Dirty Dutch may not be for everyone, but it’s hard not to like this one. A filthy blend of blares and bass.

2. Randy Santino – Hydrogen (Bassjackers Remix)

This track is built on such a solid, almost tribal house beat that we would love it even if the drop wasn’t so outrageously big. Whomp.

3. Ferry Corsten – Check it Out (Bassjackers Remix)

Bassjackers’ remix of trance legend Ferry Corsten’s “Check it Out” adds a heavy house drop that’s perfect for those who lack the patience for the 7-minute original mix.

4. Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix)

Bassjackers’ remix hits harder than Dada Life’s original mix. Blasphemous but true.

5. The Wanted – Glad You Came (Bassjackers Dub)

This song is everything that we love about Dirty Dutch – a combination between distorted bleeps, beautiful vocals, tasteful piano melodies, seductive synths, and a drop that hits  your chest as hard as it hit your eardrums. If we didn’t know this remix was by Bassjackers, we might have assumed it was Afrojack’s (it reminds us that much of Take Over Control).


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