Deadmau5 and SOFI at Penns Landing, Philadelphia 9.23.11: how it went down

Deadmau5 is an act that needs no introduction and his music is some of the most legendary stuff ever made. The rainy weather didn’t stop thousands of people from coming to Festival Pier at Penns Landing in South Philadelphia yesterday, where deadmau5 entertained the crowd for two hours. Just as he took to the stage with his trusty Expert Griefing Machine, the rain let up. From that moment on it was time for pure deadmau5 music — with a nice dash of Sofi thrown in.

Deadmau5’s set consisted of a smattering of his more recent tracks with a few gems thrown in. The highlight was undoubtedly a version of “Tiny Dancer” mixed with “Some Chords.” It is literally bone chilling to stand up close and feel the bass in the opening chords rattle your insides — something unique to deadmau5’s music. Sofi emerged halfway through the set to perform “Sofi Needs a Ladder” and “One Trick Pony” but not “Raise Your Weapon,” which had everyone singing along before she came on stage. Sofi is a real presence on stage and you can see the passion in her performances. Deadmau5 descended from his holy cube to jump around and say hello as she was finishing up.

Marco Demark – Tiny Dancer (deadmau5 remix)

Deadmau5 feat. SOFI – Sofi Needs A Ladder (Original Mix) Sofi Needs a Ladder (Original Mix) - Single - Deadmau5

The second half of a deadmau5 production is the production itself, and the Meowington Hax Tour introduces the Expert Griefing Machine. This is the labyrinth of lights and LED screens that display the intricate visuals in sync with the music. We also loved the rows of spotlights hung in an X that converged on the LED mau5head at the center. We got tons of shots of the thing in action, so be sure to check it all out in the gallery below.

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