Has the Swedish House Mafia code been cracked?Swedish House Mafia Cracked

Has the Swedish House Mafia code been cracked?

It’s a lazy Sunday and we’re kind of bored, so lets turn things back to Swedish House Mafia and their upcoming announcement. If you don’t remember, the trio is taking over Pete Tong’s show on September 16th and they have been teasing some “big news” on the 23rd. A new jumble of spotlights with numbers and letters appeared at Creamfields last week, and some of our commenters have been working on the code ever since. Might they have cracked it? Click past the break for the theories.

Let’s take a moment to just focus on the facts. First off are the dates. December 16th, 2011 — 16.12.11 — is most certainly the date when something is happening, as we told you weeks ago. That leaves 14.07.12, or July 14, 2012, (140712.com) which conveniently happens to be another domain name registered to EMI, the record label that SHM is on and the same one that owns 161211.com. It turns out that 121611.com is for a different music promo event, so we guess it just lucks out in terms of timing. So, with the dates out of the way, let’s move on to the letters.

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As we’ve been hinting for a while, rumors of an SHM event in New York have been blowing up, and reader Kenneth happens to have found three letters in the code that are certainly worthy of SHM — MSG. The Garden is one of the most famous venues in the world, and SHM would no doubt be the largest DJ group to ever sell out the 20,000 seat venue. We also heard that there were people outside Sebastian Ingrosso’s show at Capitale this past week blabbing about the event to everyone passing by. Of course, it doesn’t top Tiesto’s 26,000 Home Depot Stadium event happening next week, but that’s where we get to the next part of the code — and possibly the reasoning of its announcement on BBC Radio 1.

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Kenneth has also found another three letters in the code that correspond to one of the most famous venues in Europe, the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, UK. SHM has the UK and BBC Radio 1 in particular to thank for part of its success, and what better way is there to celebrate being on top of the world than with a 65,000-person venue that’s seen the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Bruce Springsteen? Of course, we are not as confident in this prediction quite yet, but we’re working on getting more confirmations. We repeat, this is not confirmed whatsoever.

That would theoretically make the code, Swedish House Mafia One Night Stands: Madison Square Garden 16.12.11, Milton Keynes Bowl 14.07.12. Of course, Eric Prydz could also have suddenly overcome his intense fear of flying and is making a return to SHM, or Alesso lied to us and he is joining as a member himself, and all this hard code-cracking work could’ve been done for nothing. Thankfully this all ends in just under two weeks, and knowing SHM, there will probably be something that still manages to take us all by surprise. #SHMWTF?

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