Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Albin Myers Bootleg)Albinmyers

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Albin Myers Bootleg)

Justice’s latest tune “Audio, Video, Disco” gets a mellow yet upbeat rendition made by the crazy Albin Myers. The rolling bassline meshes perfectly with the properly engineered vocals and complement the flow of the track well. It may just be us, but we believe that Swedish DJs really have taken their productions up a notch in the last year or so (even higher than our Dutch favorites). Albin has been cooking up a few different tracks in his laboratories recently – “Fade Into Darkness” remix and a bunch of new collaborations with John Dahlback (MyBack), look for them to hit a box office near you. N-JOY!

Via: Soundcloud (Albin Myers)

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