Norman Doray: The Dancing Astronaut InterviewNorman Doray

Norman Doray: The Dancing Astronaut Interview

We sat down with Norman Doray to pick his brain, ask him about his upcoming US tour and get his opinion on what airlines have the sexiest stewardesses.

Find out what this French DJ/Producer has been up to after the break!

DA: So Norman, what have you been up to lately? What’s your schedule looking like?
ND: I’ve been touring a lot… what a summer! It was so exhausting, but all exciting. Now I’m off for a few days and getting ready to hit MOS in London and Pacha Ibiza with SHM this weekend.

DA: Any new tracks/collaborations coming out we should be on the lookout for?

ND: I’ve just released my new track called “Kalifornia” with a remix by David Tort. Loads of DJs are supporting it – like SHM/Tiesto/David Guetta/Kaskade/Chuckie etc. I’m really happy about that!

DA: Hooking up with Strictly Rhythm for “Strictly Ibiza to Amsterdam” must have been a dream come true then?

ND: Totally… I used to buy all the vinyls from SR, and I still have them at home… it’s a legendary label so when they told me that they were going to release my track and they asked me to mix the new SR compilation, “From Ibiza to Amsterdam,” I was like a kid! Hah!

DA: What are you planning on showing American audiences on your upcoming US tour?

ND: I gonna try to bring a bit of Ibiza there… playing really melodic music but also big room. I love the USA so much, so I’m really excited.

DA: Your favorite track to drop in a set: “Chase the Sun.” True or false? If false, which track?

ND: Yeah, it’s still one of my favorites for sure, but I love to play “Last Forever” too. I have a new version that is crazy in the club!

DA: What was your favorite gig of this year’s summer?

ND: I must say that Ushuaia in Ibiza for Swedish House Mafia was pretty crazy… when you have 10,000 people around a pool at 7pm, it’s definitely unique.

DA: Being a French DJ and producer, you’re by default set apart from your Swedish, British, and German counterparts in the house scene. How well do you think having a background in French house music prepares a person for a global audience?

ND: I don’t know really, but for sure they [the audience] expect a bit of Daft Punk, Cassius, and Bob Sinclar vibes in your set… which is all good ‘cause I love that!

DA: Favorite French house producer?

ND: Daft Punk.

DA: Speaking of French house – favorite Daft Punk song?

ND: Stardust – “Music Sounds Better with You” or “Aerodynamic” if you want to stick to Daft Punk.

Bonus: Travel Tips from Norman Doray
DA: Favorite airline?
ND: Air France
DA: Airline to avoid?
ND: Aeroflot
DA: Airline with the most attractive stewardesses?
ND: Virgin Atlantic
DA: Worst airport experience?
ND: Once I was stuck for 8 hours at an airport in Moscow because of Aeroflot. I missed my connecting flight so I had to sleep on the floor without a jacket or anything… I don’t have to add the fact that I missed my gig that night!

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