Peter Gelderblom ft. Dominica – I Gotta Let U Go (Original Remix)Peter

Peter Gelderblom ft. Dominica – I Gotta Let U Go (Original Remix)

Listening to Peter Gelderblom’s latest track “I Gotta Let U Go,” is the perfect way to close out the summer of 2011. The Holland based producer created a soothing and reminiscent track of all the good times this past summer that we gotta let go of (for the time being) — pun intended. Although it may to be too early to plan for Miami Music Week 2012, the classy vocals by Dominica and the incredibly feel good vibes that Peter Gelderblom created on this track, make it almost impossible not to think about partying in the hot sun with chilled pools and white beaches. Although there is no serious drop, this remedying track is extremely addictive.

Clubbier remixes by Mikael Weermet’s, and Niel’s van Gogh & Daniel Strauss included as a treat!

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