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Phunktjan ft. Max C – My Eyes Are Open (Original Mix & Tim Royko Remix)

Phunktjan is a German DJ and producer known for his Euphoric DJ sets, which contain a combination of driving house sounds and samples influenced from a variety of different musical genres. Teaming up with the mighty Max C, who owns one of the most dominanting and stimulating voices in the industry, the vocals couldn’t have been more fit for Phunktjan’s piano driven track. One of Max C’s latest vocal masterpieces came off the Swanky Tunes & R3hab hit “Sending My Love.” As the soulful vocals gradually build the track up, at 1:30 they get incorporated with Phunktjan’s euphoric and immense piano sounds creating a tremendously delightful drop. Many people may miss this track since Phunktjan is a relatively new name in the EDM world, but I urge you guys to definitely give this one a listen!

Don’t miss Tim Royko’s spectacular and funky remix!

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