Vandalism bootlegs Nero’s ‘Promises,’ and we’ve got your free download

When Nero released Welcome Reality and exposed the world to their first single “Promises,” it was clear that it was destined for huge remixes. This bootleg from Vandalism could be the most massive interpretation we’ve heard so far. The Aust

ralian duo takes Skrillex’s monstrous remix, throws caution to the wind, and creates a track so aggressive that if it wasn’t for Alana Watson’s haunting vocals it would be completely unrecognizable. This track grinds, wobbles and pulses it’s way into the electro stratosphere and it’s not coming down any time soon. As if that wasn’t good enough, you can download it for free. Boom. Check out their website here.

Promises (Vandalism vs Skrillex Bootie) [Right click save as….]

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